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Brad Sweet is a Three Time Champ; Schuchart Suffers Heartbreak

What a weekend for Smith Ti customers! The World of Outlaws Sprint car series finished their season in Charlotte, NC with a lot excitement. The series points championship went to Brad Sweet and Kasey Kahne Racing for the third consecutive year. But it was Logan Schuchart who dominated the weekend. Schuchart had big leads in the main event on Friday and Saturday nights but lost both nights to flat tires. Schuchart’s #1s is equipped with all Smith Ti products – bolts, brakes, stops AND our new Ti torsion arms. It would have been great to watch him finish off both nights with a victory after such outstanding performances. Smith Ti customers David Gravel and Brent Marks ended up bringing home the wins.

But -we are so proud that our products are the Kasey Kahne Racing #49 of Brad Sweet and have been all three years that Sweet has been champion. His car is equipped with bolts and brakes. The Big Cat has mentioned to us more than once that he loves his Smith Ti Brake System. KKR Dirt tweeted, “Thank you for providing brakes that Brad loves to lean on that last!” Sweet’s third championship put him in a very small and elite club of three time World of Outlaws points champions and we love that he took us right along with him!