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Larson is at it Again

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of Kyle Larson in a sprint car this year, he shows up at Williams Grove Speedway for the National Open. If he can win this title, he’ll win the elusive Triple Crown – putting him a very exclusive club of winners.

When Larson pulled in to victory lane, he brought his Smith Ti Brake Sytem, Smith Ti Torsion Arms (front and rear), Smith Ti Acculength W-link and Smith Ti bolts along with him. We can’t say enough about how incredible this team is and are proud they use all of our parts.

Not only does Larson use our parts, but so does Logan Schuchart and Donny Schatz who came home second and third. They’ll be chasing Kyle Larson tonight and we can’t wait to see what happens! Good luck to all teams using Smith Ti products!

Photo credits: Jeff Peck Images