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Smith Ti Brakes Bring Home 4 Golden Drillers at Tulsa Shootout

Smith Ti brakes are at the top of the leader board not just in sprint cars, but also in the micro sprint division. The Tulsa Shootout brought in 1700 entries in 6 different micro sprint divisions and 4 of our customers came out on top! After 4 days of hard days and exciting racing Winners were Jeffrey Newell – non-wing; Craig Ronk – Outlaw class; Jake Hagopian – winged A-class; Jett Nunley – restricted A class.

Congratulations to all Smith Titanium customers!

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Yes! Our Titanium Fasteners are Stronger than Grade 8 Steel

Welcome to Smith Ti where are fasteners are stronger that Grade 8 steel. We thought you might like to know why we lead the way in manufacturing the strongest and nicest looking fasteners on the market.

  1. All of our bolts and nuts are manufactured right here in our facility in Broken Arrow, OK, USA
  2. All of the titanium we use to manufacture our inventory is USA made material.
  3. Everything here is made from certified aerospace billet material and is heat treated making it stronger than Grade 8 steel.

Unlike our competitors, who import their material and/or products from China, we have 100% control of each manufacturing step of all of our products. As you may have noticed – many of our competitors copy our designs, but they still struggle to give you the quality and strength that we deliver. We are innovators, not imitators. Our products are made by racers for racers.

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Brad Sweet is a Three Time Champ; Schuchart Suffers Heartbreak

What a weekend for Smith Ti customers! The World of Outlaws Sprint car series finished their season in Charlotte, NC with a lot excitement. The series points championship went to Brad Sweet and Kasey Kahne Racing for the third consecutive year. But it was Logan Schuchart who dominated the weekend. Schuchart had big leads in the main event on Friday and Saturday nights but lost both nights to flat tires. Schuchart’s #1s is equipped with all Smith Ti products – bolts, brakes, stops AND our new Ti torsion arms. It would have been great to watch him finish off both nights with a victory after such outstanding performances. Smith Ti customers David Gravel and Brent Marks ended up bringing home the wins.

But -we are so proud that our products are the Kasey Kahne Racing #49 of Brad Sweet and have been all three years that Sweet has been champion. His car is equipped with bolts and brakes. The Big Cat has mentioned to us more than once that he loves his Smith Ti Brake System. KKR Dirt tweeted, “Thank you for providing brakes that Brad loves to lean on that last!” Sweet’s third championship put him in a very small and elite club of three time World of Outlaws points champions and we love that he took us right along with him!

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Seth Bergman Wins on First Night Out with Smith Ti

Seth Bergman decided to make a change in his racing program so he paid us a visit. When he left Smith Titanium earlier this week, he had titanium torsion arms and a new brake system. Both the arms and the rotors are made from the strongest titanium, are beautifully machined and have been tested to be sure we are selling the highest quality items that work!

Bergman’s first race with his new Smith Titanium parts saw him roll in to victory lane at Creek County Speedway versus a tough ASCS field. Post race, he even took to Twitter to say, “I ran my Smith Titanium brakes last night … best brakes I ever had. Abused the hell out of them all night, never lost pedal once. I’m a believer. Stevie’s got it going on.” Great job to Seth Bergman and his entire team. We think you’ve got it going on too!

*Note – Bergman swept the whole weekend!!

Photo credit: Danny the Shoe

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Smith Ti Products Win Across the Country

Smith Ti products were on winners’ cars across the country again this past weekend. Fifteen year old Ryan Timms brought home the win at the final night of the Trophy Cup at California’s Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway against a tough field. Timms uses all Smith Ti products including bolts, brakes and Ti torsion arms. Also using Smith Ti brakes were Rico Abreu, who won the second night at the Trophy Cup, and Buddy Kofoid (with Paul Silva) who won both the first night and was the overall Trophy Cup winner.

The World of Outlaws race at Lakeside Speedway in Kansas saw the top 6 finishers using Smith Ti Brakes and bolts: Gio Scelzi, Donny Schatz, Kerry Madsen, Aaron Reutzel, Logan Schuchart, and Brad Sweet. Blake Hahn won the Short Track Nationals at I-30 Speedway in Little Rock using his Smith Ti Brakes.

We are seeing more and more drivers winning while using our brake system. Build season is just around the corner – what will you put on your car? #SmithTi

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Smith Ti Takes Top Texas Sprint Car Races

Two different series ran in Texas at two prestigious tracks last weekend, and drivers using Smith Ti were in victory lane at both places. Roger Crockett took home the win at Texas Motor Speedway with the Bandits Outlaw Sprint Series and JJ Hickle took home the ASCS National Series win again at the Devil’s Bowl Speedway. Both drivers use the Smith Ti Brake System and Smith Ti Bolts.

Matt Campbell also took home a win at Lincoln Speedway’s last event of the season. His sprinter is also equipped with Smith Ti Brakes.

As the season winds down we’re working hard to make sure we have the strongest bolts in the market, the best brake system and the best titanium suspension parts available. Our machines are running nonstop and we’re proud that our parts are made in the USA!

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Larson is at it Again

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of Kyle Larson in a sprint car this year, he shows up at Williams Grove Speedway for the National Open. If he can win this title, he’ll win the elusive Triple Crown – putting him a very exclusive club of winners.

When Larson pulled in to victory lane, he brought his Smith Ti Brake Sytem, Smith Ti Torsion Arms (front and rear), Smith Ti Acculength W-link and Smith Ti bolts along with him. We can’t say enough about how incredible this team is and are proud they use all of our parts.

Not only does Larson use our parts, but so does Logan Schuchart and Donny Schatz who came home second and third. They’ll be chasing Kyle Larson tonight and we can’t wait to see what happens! Good luck to all teams using Smith Ti products!

Photo credits: Jeff Peck Images


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Schuchart Shines at Eldora and Timms Takes Husets with Smith Ti Rear Arms

Logan Schuchart claimed the World of Outlaws victory at the opening night of Eldora Speedway’s Four Crown event. Schuchart started 5th and battled with past series champion Donny Schatz before Schuchart’s sprinter took the lead and never looked back. The 1s is equipped with both the Smith Ti Brake System and Smith Ti rear arms.

15 year old Ryan Timms topped the field at Huset’s Speedway with a fantastic showing, beating out seasoned veterans with a 4.734 second lead and lapping up to 10th place! All we can say to that is wow! Timms’ sprinter is also equipped with the Smith Ti Brake System and Smith Ti front and rear torsion arms.

We work hard to put top notch products on all cars and help teams put themselves in victory lane. Are you ready to join the best?

Photo credit: World of Outlaws and Huset’s Speedway

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JJ Hickle Takes the The Hockett/McMillin Memorial

JJ Hickle topped the field this past weekend at Lucas Oil Speedway for the Hockett/McMillin Memorial. It was the first time Hickle had been to the race track, but it didn’t stop him from running down Roger Crockett to take home the $10,000 victory. The Smith Ti Brake System helped Hickle maneuver his sprinter through lapped traffic to catch Crockett (who also uses Smith Ti Brakes) when he bobbled on the cushion. Hickle never looked back. We are excited for Ivan Worden, JJ Hickle and the entire team! Check out the highlights here:

Photo credit: ASCS