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Thorson Takes Two

Tanner Thorson has gone two for two so far this weekend scoring wins in both Kansas and Nebraska in USAC National Midget series action. Congratulations to Thorson and the entire Underwood/Reinbold race team!

While Thorson does have one of the best engines money can buy in his Stanton Racing Engine powered midget, he also has Smith Ti Brakes. This brake systems gives him the best overall brake balance. He also uses all Smith Titanium products on his hot rod – making it a pretty simple thought process. If you can’t beat him, why not join him? What’s on your car?

Photo Credit: DB3 Images

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Larson Just Keeps Winning

Kyle Larson and Paul Silva picked up their second win during PA Speedweek in an exciting battle at Port Royal Speedway. Have you noticed their car? Not only are they picking up Speedweek wins, but it’s also been one of the fastest cars in the country. This dynamic duo uses all Smith Ti products: Smith Ti Brakes, Smith Ti Torsion Arms, Smith Ti W-links (with billet ends) and all Smith Ti fasteners. We think you should take a look at what’s on your car!

Photo credit: PA Speedweek

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Madsen Takes 2, Schuchart Wins $50,000

This past week was exciting for drivers using Smith Ti products. Kerry Madsen along with crew chief Ricky Warner took two wins at Jackson Motorplex while Logan Schuchart brought home the final night’s big payoff of $50,000. Both teams rely on Smith Ti Brakes, bolts, and components to put their cars in victory lane!

Photo credit: DB3 Inc

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Smith Ti Brakes Take Husets Top 10

The first night the World of Outlaws took to the track at Husets Speedway, Smith Ti Brakes were on the cars of the top 8 finishers. The second night at Husets saw Smith Ti Brakes on the cars of the top 10 finishers! We said wow the first night and all we can say is WOW again. Smith Ti Brakes dominated!

Photo credit: World of Outlaws

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Smith Ti Brakes Take Top Eight at Husets

Wow! World of Outlaws drivers using Smith Ti Brakes took the top 8 positions in Monday’s show at Huset’s Speedway. Husets is an exciting bull ring where good brakes can definitely help. The final rundown shows how Smith Ti Brakes can help dominate! Congrats to David Gravel, Donny Schatz, Kerry Madsen, Brad Sweet, Kyle Larson, Sheldon Haudenschild, Jacob Allen and Logan Schuchart!

Photo credit: DB3 Inc.

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Smith Ti Customers Have Huge Weekend

Not many people can say they have scored 300 World of Outlaws wins. Only two people could, to be exact. But this weekend, Donny Schatz added his name to the list alongside sprint car greats Steve Kinser and Sammy Swindell. Schatz accomplished that 300th win using his Smith Ti Brake system and Smith Ti bolts. We salute you Donny Schatz! What an accomplishment!

Not only does Schatz use Smith Ti bolts and Smith Ti brakes, but so do the top 4 finishers in Saturday night’s World of Outlaws race at Beaver Dam Raceway – Sheldon Haudenschild, Gio Scelzi, David Gravel, and Brad Sweet. Kyle Larson also racked up 2 wins during Ohio Sprint Speedweek using his Smith Ti brakes, bolts and front and rear torsion arms. All we can say is WOW! We know we didn’t cover everyone but we see you and say congrats and thank you to all drivers using Smith Ti!

Photo credit: DB3 Inc.

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Innovator, Champion, Hero

Our hearts are broken. We lost a father, husband, GP, brother, and friend to many. Steve Smith was a champion on and off the race track. He was an innovator with designs and ideas for sprint cars that were far beyond his time. He was our hero and a hell of a race car driver. His impact on his family and the racing community will not be forgotten. Steve Smith was loved by many and will be greatly missed.

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Smith Ti Brakes Continue to Dominate

Within the last week, Smith Ti Brakes continued to dominate – and not just in the 410 sprint car arena. Smith Ti Brakes are winning in Pennsylvania’s 358 class with Cody Fletcher behind the wheel at Lincoln Speedway. The brake system is also on the Trench Shoring pavement midget piloted by Kody Swanson. Using Smith Ti Brakes for the first time, Swanson picked up the win at the Oval at Lucas Oil Raceway besting the field by 9 seconds! Jeffrey Newell also parked it in victory lane at Port City Raceway in his 600 micro sprint at the Stock Nationals.

In 410 sprint car action – World of Outlaws driver, David Gravel, won using his Smith Ti Brakes at Attica Raceway Park. And Kyle Larson won again at Atomic Speedway in Ohio.

We are continuing to work hard to bring teams the best brake system available! We’re proud to see drivers using our products continue to wheel their way to victory lane!

Photo credits: Lincoln Speedway, DB3 Inc, Atomic Speedway, Top Row Photos

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Smith Ti Rear Arms Withstand Through Hardest Crashes of the Year

After some of the heaviest contact and hardest crashes of the year, the Smith Ti Torsion arms have not failed.

Titanium torsion arms offer a number of advantages over aluminum – they’re lighter and they’re stronger. But, the biggest advantage is the titanium arms stay intact at the splines after a crash protecting the driver’s back and keeping the rear end in place. These two details make the titanium arms safer than aluminum.

Other benefits of the titanium arms is that they are designed with the same spring rate as aluminum and teams can use the same torsion bars and set up blocks. Also, with the location of the shock, you don’t need a spacer because the the profile is so small the shock body can sit over top of the arm (even for large body shocks),eliminating excessive arm twist from the shock. The heat from the exhaust doesn’t affect titanium either. Because the arm is made from a solid chunk of material it isn’t compromised by bending – and the memory of these arms is insane! They can bow and bend and still come back to home.

The pictures show their strength. The machine work is beautiful.

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Sweet Scores a Hat Trick and Eckert Victorious in Late Models

What a weekend for Smith Ti customers! Brad Sweet swept the World of Outlaws weekend, winning all three events on the schedule using his Smith Ti Bolts and Smith Ti Brakes! Rick Eckert dominated in his Late Model at Port Royal Speedway using his Smith Ti Late Model Brake System. And many others scored victories across the country with Smith Ti Bolts and Brakes – Chad Trout, Justin Youngquist, Brent Marks, Sam Hafertepe, Frank Flud, Jake Nail, and Chris Windom. We’re sure we’re missing some of you – let us know who you are! We’re proud of all the guys and girls using Smith Titanium products!

Photo credits: World of Outlaws and Rick Eckert