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Smith Titanium Makes Upgrades to Machining Processes with Mitsubishi DiaEdge Products

We’ve recently made some machining improvements at Smith Titanium.  With the help of the Mitsubishi Materials MTEC support team, we have implemented the use of unique tools and programming solutions to remove a major bottle neck process. One important solution allows us to complete all machining processes using just one set-up.  This keeps important products manufactured in-house.

How does this benefit Smith Titanium customers?  Production lead times are faster – helping us to keep our stock up so you have more choices.  Delivery of your bolts are faster, so you don’t have to wait.  This is huge for us and possible because of the DiaEdge products from Mitsubishi Materials.

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Smith Titanium’s Weekend Winners

This weekend #guysusingSmithTi swept the Lucas Oil ASCS weekend as well as the NOW600 series. Congrats to Matt Covington, Sam Hafertepe and Frank Flud on their weekend wins! We’re proud you put Smith Titanium bolts and brakes in victory lane!

Also – even though he didn’t bring home the win, Central Pennsylvania’s Brian Montieth had a podium finish at Lincoln Speedway and put on an exciting show. He took the lead, kept a 360 spin going , fell back to 6th and finished 3rd. What a race!

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Smith Ti Brakes Take the Podium at the DirtCar Nationals Finale

After an exciting week of racing, the Smith Titanium Brake System took the podium for the final night at the DirtCar Nationals. Not only do the top 3 finisher use Smith Ti Brakes, they also outfit their cars with Smith Ti Bolts. We are proud to be partnered with Logan Schuchart, Brad Sweet and Daryn Pittman. Congratulations to the teams on their strong finishes and to Brad Sweet and Kasey Kahne Racing for taking home the coveted Gator Championship!

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Smith Ti Brakes Sweep the Podium at World of Outlaws Season Opener

The brand new Smith Titanium VRTMAX 72 titanium inboards rotors swept the World of Outlaws podium at the 2020 opener at Volusia Speedway Park in Barberville, FL. The new vented rotor technology keeps the rotors cooler and the stopping power higher. The Smith Titanium Brake System with the new VRTMAX 72 rotors showed their strength on a demanding racetrack. Click here to check it out!

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Equipped for Precision

Meet the latest tool that we’ve added to our arsenal. The Tsugami’s B0325-II includes a gang type tool post, rigid cast iron frame and 8,000 rpm main spindle speed. This CNC automatic lathe offers a total of 27 tool positions in standard configuration, 39 in optional configuration. The modular tool zone makes it easy to change rotary tools, ID holders and turning holders.

What does that mean for you?

It means we can make more parts, with more precision so you can enjoy more wins!