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Logan Schuchart Wins Allstar Race at Volusia

Logan Schuchart charged from his 13th place starting position to win the Allstar Circuit of Champions opening night race at Volusia Speedway Park! Schuchart quietly made his way through field reaching the leaders with 5 laps to go. He put the finishing touches on a great race taking the lead and running away on lap 22. Schuchart was followed by Donny Schatz, Brad Sweet and David Gravel – all 4 drivers use Smith Titanium Brake Systems!

Photo credits: Allstar Sprints

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Smith Ti Brakes Take Chili Bowl #2 Podium

The top 3 finishers in Tuesday night’s qualifying event at the Chili Bowl Nationals ran Smith Ti Brakes! Congratulations to Kyle Larson, Thomas Meseraull and Zach Daum! If you want to see some of our products, stop by the Expo Center for the Chili Bowl Nationals and head to the Mitsubushi Cutting Tools booth at Chase Briscoe and Chase Elliot’s pit !

Photo credit: Walkapedia

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Did You Know??

In 2020 #guysusingSmithTi won and they won a lot! Smith Ti Brakes were on:

*the winning cars of 80% of the World of Outlaws races

*the top FOUR cars of the World of Outlaws points race

*the winningest sprint car team in the nation – Kyle Larson

*the cars of 2 Chili Bowl preliminary night winners – Kyle Larson and Tanner Thorson

*Chili Bowl champion – Kyle Larson

Remember – most races are won in traffic or when you need to hit the bottom consistently. Our brakes help with both. With the stopping power and the balance this system provides, we are unmatched. You can join us or get beat by us – it’s your choice. #SmithTiBrakes

Click here to check out the midget brake system.

Click here to check out the sprint car brake system.

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Thinking and designing are two things constantly happening at Smith Titanium. The result is new and improved products. Meet our newest creation: the Accu-length w-link. This w-link is stronger than welded titanium and as strong as the steel version. Featuring billet aluminum heim ends and corners, along with rivets from Boeing’s air frames and accurately measured aerospace titanium tubing, we’ve created the lightest and strongest w-link ever made! Check it out here:

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Smith Ti Brakes – The Brake System Choice of Champions

From short tracks to the big fast tracks, Smith Ti Brakes have helped teams’ success for two important reasons: 1) these brakes have the highest stopping power ever introduced in dirt track racing; and 2) they are the lightest and strongest brake rotors ever made in racing … period.

Our brake system won both the Final Call at the Dirt Track at Charlotte AND the 2020 World of Outlaws Championship! We are proud that our products play a part in these success stories! Congrats to 2020 World of Outlaws Champion, Brad Sweet and feature winner Logan Schuchart.

Logan’s car is equipped with our brand new rear titanium torsion arms – the lightest, strongest, and safest ever built; our titanium brake system, and our titanium bolts. Brad’s car is equipped with the bolts and brake system!

We put a lot of hard work, research and dedication into making the lightest and strongest American made titanium products possible. Make the decision to be a part of the Smith Ti family! Make the decision to win!

Photo Credits: World of Outlaws

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Smith Ti Brakes Win Again!

Small tracks can be demanding and Saturday’s World of Outlaws race at Kokomo Speedway proved it. Smith Ti Brakes came out on top with Sheldon Haudenschild bringing home the win. Good brakes are important on all tracks – but especially important on an elbows-up kind of place like Kokomo! Congrats to Sheldon and his entire team on another World of Outlaws win!

Also, congratulations to podium finishers Donny Schatz and Logan Schuchart who are also #guysuingSmithTi!

PHOTO CREDITS: Ryan Marshall/NOS Energy Drinks

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Kyle Larson and Paul Silva Make it to Victory Lane on the First Night with the ALL NEW Smith Ti Rear Titanium Torsion Arms

Kyle Larson and Paul Silva find victory lane often. This time it was with the brand new Smith Ti Rear Titanium Torsion Arms! Larson and Silva use all Smith Ti products including: Smith Ti Front Titanium Torsion Arms, the Smith Ti Brake System, and Smith Ti bolts! Friday night’s World of Outlaws win at Port Royal Speedway made 40 wins in 80 starts. We love to see our customers’ success!

Photo Credit: Trent Gower

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Smith Titanium Products Dominate National Open Weekend – Find Out Why!

Drivers using Smith Titanium products dominated at the National Open at Williams Grove Speedway this weekend. Congrats to the podium finishers Donny Schatz, Kyle Larson and Logan Schuchart!

Do you know why our products have been so successful? It’s because Smith Titanium is the world leader in titanium racing fasteners. After teaming with the leading titanium mill, we are now introducing our new proprietary titanium material. This new titanium has 170 ksi tensile with more elasticity and was developed for only our products.

What does that mean?

  1. It’s the BEST racing titanium bolt ever made.
  2. It’s STRONGER than grade 8 steel bolts. This titanium also bends farther than a steel bolt without breaking and has memory. It can actually return back to its original shape after crashing.

We work hard every day to provide you with the best possible titanium products. What’s on your car?

PHOTO CREDIT: World of Outlaws