Sprint Car Steering Arm and Spindle “Decked Out” Kit


Smith Titanium’s newest addition: The “Stable Steer” Sprint Car Steering Arm and Sprint Car Spindles.

Comes with all hardware: pair of spindles, pair of steering arms, hi-lok studs with nuts, and steering arm to spindle bolt kit.



Smith Titanium’s newest addition: The “Stable Steer” sprint car steering arm and sprint car spindles.

The steering arms have been engineered to give drivers the most stable car. They are made from aircraft 2024 T6 USA aluminum plate. Stable steer means the geometry we’ve used for tie rod and draglink locations creates a more stable steering effect for the driver.

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your 360 images

The arms come with our titanium hi-lok knurled press-in stud and built-in spacers for heim clearance. When we say “built-in” spacers, we mean the spacers are integrated into the actual arm. These arms eliminate clearance issues during cross up of the steering. This is not your normal steering arm – we are years ahead of all of our competitors.

We have made you the strongest steering arms available today with the least amount of deflection.

Machined using a precision 5 axis mill, the spindle is made from billet 7075 USA aluminum. It has a titanium spindle snout, brass bushings and low profile grease zert, making it the STRONGEST spindle available!
The bushings have been honed to the exact size.
The spindle nut and washer are also made from billet 7075 USA aluminum.
The benefit of USA 7075 aluminum is the UTS is 83,000 PSI vs the conventional mild steel nut which is only 64,000 PSI and carbon steel at 46,400 PSI.

Both the steering arms and spindles are ceramic coated in flat black. The entire package is wholly made in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 2 in