Smith Ti Brake Systems Update!

Why should you choose Smith Ti Brake Systems?

Our brakes dominated the World of Outlaws in 2022, winning 43 of 69 races! The brake system was also on the cars of the 1st and 2nd place finishers in WoO points and won another Knoxville Nationals as well as every other race of Nationals week!

Why do the brakes dominate? It’s what they do to help the car and driver win races.

1) We provide the best stopping power in the industry.

2) We have fine-tuned the front to rear brake percentage to help the car roll the corner with less twitching on entry and at the apex of the corner.

How do we do these things? It starts with constant testing, proper test machines, feedback from drivers, and track testing. Did you know we have a proprietary test stand (separate from our brake dyno machine) that measures the brake percentage? This is how we know what other company’s brakes have – we can measure the actual clamp pressure at each caliper.

We can also make a change to feel and stopping power with the brake pedal, AP or Brembo master cylinder, brake line size and measure the changes in the brake clamp pressure. This is one of the most important things in brake technology. But – guess what? We’re the only company who does this for dirt oval track racing!

One huge improvement we’ve made to brake systems is our aluminum billet brake pedal. A tubular pedal has way too much deflection. The harder you push those, the more deflection it creates. The titanium tubular pedal is the worst. It might have good memory, but it has way to much deflection. The 4130 pedal is ok, but not very good. Our 7075 billet aluminum pedal easily wins. Its design and stiffness are in its own league. The angled flat foot pedal with non-slip machined into it is something my Dad came up with back in 1989. We revisited this design, and the drivers love it. We’ve always loved this because you can feel the brakes better.

Other than the pedal, there are more key advantages to our brake systems – so many little things add up to get to the big results.

1) We have the world’s lightest titanium rotors, with the largest diameter. Our new rear 2 piece rotor is years ahead – weighing only 3.4 lbs with a diameter of 12.200 with curved internal vents!

2) Our brake calipers are made from billet 7075 aluminum (back to the stiff thing like the pedal) and use an internal spring on every titanium piston. This allows us to control the piston knock back. You might ask – is this necessary? Yes. It all matters here at Smith Ti, and allows us to give you all the most important things. We give you:

1) more brake pressure

2) more caliper clamp pressure

3) better pedal travel

4) amazing smooth brakes!!!!!

So look at it this way – our complete brake system costs half of an engine rebuild, yet they are just as important as the engine!!!

If you visit the “build your brake kit” link on our website, you will see all the components we recommend. The recommendations come from years of testing and other drivers winning!!

The brake system is just like the engine, you need the entire package! Bits and pieces don’t ever work the same! We will keep you posted this year with many new accurate results as we all learn together. This is why the professionals rely on us!

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